If you are a voracious reader, you are aware of the value of a captivating introduction. Sometimes all it takes to make a novel uninteresting and send it to the back shelf to decay is a dreary, wordy start. 

Similar to the novel, a weak essay introduction can turn off your reader. Given the pressures of research, many students are selfish with their time and consequently rush to make judgements about the relevance of a paper.  For aspiring students, the quest for college admission often includes the request, ‘write my admission essay‘ as they seek professional help in crafting a compelling application.

It is simple for the reader to assess the relevancy of their papers when an essay begins with a wealth of background information on the subject, your main arguments, and crucial discoveries. Continue reading to learn some excellent strategies for staring off an essay and grabbing your reader’s attention. 

How to start your essay

It’s important to note before moving on that there is no “one size fits all” approach to essay openings. Each essay opening has advantages and disadvantages of its own. 

It’s also important to remember that the main purpose of your introduction is to persuade the reader to read the rest of the paper. To encourage a reader to go through your arguments, concentrate on highlighting the important points of your article. 

Without further ado, let’s look at some excellent essay-opening ideas and how you may use them in your writing. 

Starting an essay with an amusing fact

Providing a startling truth that leaves your reader clamoring for an explanation is a tried-and-true method of grabbing their attention. These introductions must be pertinent to the subject and supported by essential sources in order to be effective. 

Unrelated information can cause confusion and make it difficult to develop your essay’s ideas. The shared fact should ideally support your viewpoint or draw attention to a specific concept in your paper. 


Many mental health issues manifest themselves in young people and adolescents with 50% of all disorders manifesting by the age of 14 and 75% manifesting by the age of 24. However, it is surprising that many schools do not have the resources to recognize and assist disturbed kids. 

Starting an essay with a question

Opening with a rhetorical question is a wonderful method to grab the reader’s attention. Unlike other introductions, questions draw the reader into the development of your argument and pique their curiosity about how you addressed the challenges you identified. 

The finest kinds of essay topics are open-ended ones because they can better showcase your research issues and pique the reader’s interest. Like the former, ensure the relevance of the rhetorical questions, therefore achieving a smooth transition into your paper.


What measures may be taken to treat mental health difficulties given that suicide is the second highest cause of death among young people? Is it conceivable for the educational system to incorporate the framework for recognizing and treating mental health disorders? This essay will examine the factors that contribute to mental illnesses in the classroom and how instructors might be prepared to intervene before things spiral out of control. 

Starting an essay with a quote

A quote is a fantastic method to relieve some of the stress associated with writing your essay’s introduction. The sentiments of an authority figure assist you in smoothly transitioning into your argument. 

 However, make sure the quote is pertinent to avoid any dissonance that can prevent your reader from fully understanding the main points of your essay. 


Delayed justice is denied justice. William. E. Gladstone. Given the hesitation to provide support and modifications in policing people with mental disabilities, many mentally challenged people are unfairly detained until such help is provided to them. This creates an unfavorable dynamic where people with mental disabilities are unwilling to assert their rights and thus become targets of numerous forms of maltreatment. 

Contradicting a popular notion

A fantastic starting strategy for our essay is to challenge a widely held belief. This gives your reader a point of contention and encourages them to read the rest of your essay in order to understand the logic behind your refutation of the facts. 


Although education has benefited greatly from technological improvements, there may still be performance gaps in the classroom environment. The best solution to many teaching-learning problems is to develop a study method that works for the individual student. 

Good starting words for an essay

  • This essay explores… 
  • Below, you will find . . .
  • For the most part… 
  • Based on the conclusions of…
  • When it comes to…
  • Despite the lack of proof…
  • In view of…