How to Write an Opinion Essay: Ideas and Outline Guide

Perhaps the most adaptable assignments for college and high school students are opinion essays. Unlike other forms of essays, opinion essays let you express your viewpoint on a subject and back it up with evidence from reliable sources. 

Unfortunately, your first attempt at producing an opinion essay can come with some difficulties. The recommendations in this article will help you get beyond the usual obstacles students face when writing an opinion essay. 

To assist you in choosing and condensing your issue to a workable thought, we’ll also highlight a few opinion essay ideas.

How to write an opinion essay 

The method you use to write your paper will have the biggest impact on your writing experience. Rushing in without conducting adequate research could put you in a lot of trouble during the writing process and reduce the strength of your arguments. 

Take a disciplined strategy for writing your essay and do comprehensive research to find the key supporting data for your assertions and the opposing arguments you should address in your article. 

Some of the steps in writing an opinion essay are as follows: 

  1. Select a topic

If you are given a choice of several topics, concentrate on the one that interests you the most. On the other hand, if you are required to choose your subject, make a list of all the topics you are interested in and search topic boards for inspiration. 

  1. Formulate your opinion

After choosing your subject, formulate a position that your paper will support. For example, if the topic of your essay is the use of technology in education, you might argue that this use of technology is not very advantageous. 

Your position should act as your thesis and aid in the planning of your arguments. 

  1. Search for evidence

Once you’ve decided on a position, look for sources that are relevant to it. Avoid concentrating simply on the sources that lend support to your thesis because you must also examine any arguments against it. 

When conducting your research, write down the key pieces of information so you can use them in your outline later. 

  1. Come up with the conclusion

Finally, check the key arguments in your paper and highlight the key takeaway from your paper. 

  1. Draft your essay

Create an outline of your arguments and supporting data after doing your study. Writing your paper will be simple with no need to stray from your essential points thanks to the plan. 

Consider spending some time proofreading your paper once you’ve finished writing it as well. By doing this, you can style your work by the guidelines supplied and earn top marks for your efforts.

How to write an opinion paragraph 

Your paragraphs’ organization is essential to ensure the caliber and coherence of your ideas. Structure your opinion paragraph so that the first sentence contains your opinion and the second sentence has the supporting details. 

Next, expand on your viewpoint in the following two to three lines to help the readers understand what you are trying to say. For a seamless transition from one opinion to the next, state your position once more and connect it to your subsequent suggestion. 

Opinion essay outline


  • Hook
  • Background
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraph 1:

  • Opinion 
  • Supporting evidence
  • Elaboration 
  • Transition to the next paragraph

Body paragraph 2:

  • Opinion 
  • Supporting evidence
  • Elaboration 
  • Transition to the next paragraph

Body paragraph 3:

  • Opinion 
  • Supporting evidence
  • Elaboration 
  • Transition to the next paragraph


  • Summary of key points
  • Thesis restatement

Ways to start an opinion essay

Setting the groundwork for your paper’s many points requires a strong opening for opinion essays. This part should draw the reader’s attention to your points and pique their interest in a hot-button issue. 

Here are some opinion essay hooks you ought to consider: 

  • Rhetorical questions 

These are open-ended inquiries designed to get readers to reflect on the important topics in your essay. The foundation for various statements can be laid by a series of questions that highlight the important aspects of your debate. 

  • Facts and statistics

Facts are an excellent technique to demonstrate the seriousness of a subject you wish to analyze in your essay. Keep in mind to cite pertinent sources while using facts. 

  • Narration 

You might also take into account telling a story to establish your point of view on the subject and to create a situation that exposes the flaws in various opposing arguments. 

Good opinion essay topics

  1. Should minors be allowed to vote? 
  2. Methods for preventing corruption 
  3. Private prisons: Are they moral? 
  4. Inequitable treatment of women in Roman law 
  5. The progression of propaganda in US media 
  6. Benefits of history education 
  7. Should potentially harmful medical data be made public? 
  8. Addiction develops as a result of smartphone applications. 
  9. The impact of smartphones on young people
  10. Should piracy carry harsher penalties?

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